USB3.0 Powered3G-SDI and HDMIVideo Capture

The USB Video Bridge capture device series includes 3G-SDI and HDMI models providing wide-ranging adaptability for complex workflows.Connecting directly to your computer’s USB 3.0 port, the Video Bridge is true plug-and-play,requiring no driversin Windows,Linux,or Mac OS X.

Two control scenarios support varying userrequirements. Software control mode passesall available rates and resolutions to thecapture software. Manual mode allows thepre-selection of a frame rate and resolution,allowing the user to control the loaddelivered to the USB bus.

A “Follow Input” selection passes the input 1to 1 to the host PC. For confidence monitoring, the input and output resolutions,and frame rates are displayed on the unit’sLCD screen.

Common Specifications

Operating Temp Range

•0 to 40 C

Non-Operating Temp Range

•-40 to +75 C

Relative Humidity Operating

•Between 5% and 80%(noncondensing)

Relative Humidity Non-Operating

•95% RH(non-condensing);gradient 30% per hour

Available Drivers

•Windows,MacOSand Linux Standard


Operating Altitude Range

•0 to 3,048 meters(10,000 feet)

Non-Operating Altitude Range

•0 to 15,240 meters(50,000 feet)

System Recommendations

•Hig hquality video capture requires a dedicated USB 3.0 bus






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